Humanitarian painting campaign in Slovenia

Every year the Painting and decorating section in the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia organises traditional annual humanitarian painting campaigns.

There are two parts of our traditional annual humanitarian painting campaign:
Humanitarian action: single painters can join or also a group of painters can join
- Competition: a team of 2 painters paints one room – walls, ceiling and door frame.

The aim of this initiative is to paint public institutions to get a better place to live and work. The action has been launched in 1999, with the collaboration of painters from other countries since 2014. The next one will be the 19th season.

This action is very similar to UNIEP Painting Skills Legacy, but in Slovenia it will take only one day – this year on Friday, 24th November. Slovenian Painters hope that teams from other countries will join us again.
This time we will paint four buildings housing some children of the elementary school in Veržej, a small town in southeast Slovenia. Those children come from unhappy families, they have been taken from their home and settled in those houses, where they live and school.

On 24th November, we will start at 7 am and finish at 5 pm. We will take care of participants all day long and food and drinks are included. Then a celebration – supper and awards to the painters, gadgets and Certificate of participation – will take place.

For foreign painters we also organize:
- accommodation
- a free trip (the day after, that is on Sunday, 25th November) to some cultural, historical and other top-rated attractions nearby – also with some local food and drink testing.

We would be delighted and honoured to welcome you to Slovenia. And nevertheless: by joining us on our campaign you will make children smile after the campaign!

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