UNIEP's involvement in EU Public Policy

Since its creation in 1953, UNIEP has been dedicated to making the interests of the painting businesses in the EU, following developments in the EU legislative activity and lobbying the EU Institutions.

Concerning this issue, UNIEP publishes a monthly EU Policy Grid in order to monitor its actions on main topics of interest in the European framework.

Here are the subjects currently followed:
- SMEs Definition
- Occupational Health and Safety
- Carcinogens or mutagens at work
- TiO2 - Titanium dioxide
- Vocational Education and Training
- Traineeship quality Framework
- Circular Economy
- Posting of Workers
- European Labor Authority
- Employment Strategy
- Undeclared Work
- EU post-2020 Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF)
- Construction
- SMEunited Construction Forum

Have a look to the current and the past policy grids published by UNIEP.