Our Projects

UNIEP promotes professional training, sustainability, health & safety and helps SMEs comply with REACH and construction products regulation. It supports the exchange of good practices among its national members through different projects at European level.

The projects UNIEP is or has been involved in are:

With new materials being developed and new technologies affecting the painting trade every year, it is important that employer’s continue to re-appraise staff skills and ensure that they are properly qualified and suitable to undertake activities.

UNIEP was a partner of the “Painting Skills Ranking the Real Competencies” Project between 2007 and 2009 to identify equivalent training qualifications and skills levels across Europe. An online tool is available for assessing qualifications to appreciate the details of an individual’s skill level regardless of whether they work in Italy, Germany or the UK.

UNIEP’s Legacy Project held in Leiden in 2014 in association with AkzoNobel has introduced a new opportunity for trainees to understand the different skills, products and techniques from across Europe. With the increase in mobility and opportunity of workers to travel around Europe, Legacy offers a unique chance to increase knowledge and skills in different countries.