UNIEP Board Members

New Board composition, elected in Luxembourg on 7th June 2019.

President: Helmut Schulz (AT)
Vice-President: André Mertens (BE)
Board Members: Igor Pipan (SI), Claudius Wolfrum (DE), Neil Ogilvie (UK), Jean-Jacques Châtelain (FR)
Treasurer: Peter Baeriswyl (CH)
Auditor: Maurice Karotsch (FR)

Helmut Schulz

Helmut Schulz

Mr. Schulz has a 50-year experience with painting trade organisations, holding several positions from Secretary to President in the Austrian Painting Association. He has gained extensive political experience through a number of institutions, including the Local Council and Associations.
André Mertens

André Mertens

Painter since 45 years, Mr. Mertens has a large experience in the sector. He has been President of Confederatie Bouw Antwerp, Vlaamse Schilders and Nationale Schilders and is currently a jury member in 3 schools.

Claudius Wolfrum

Mr. Wolfrum holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from University of Munich. He is an independent Painter and Varnisher since 1996. From 2011, he is Board meamber of the Painting and Varnishing Guild of Munich. In 2016, he became a member of the Committee of the Federation of Paint Decorating Building.

Igor Pipan

Mr. Igor Pipan has more than 29 years praxis of management and organization in transport and service sector. Now he is over 19 years employed as a Sections Secretary in the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. Last 6 years he has also been a Secretary for Painting and Decorating Section.

Neil Ogilvie

In 2010, Mr. Ogilvie became the Acting Chief Executive of the PDA, and was confirmed in the role in September 2011. His role includes: PDA representative of the National Specialist Contractors' Council, UK representative of UNIEP, member of inter-professional networking with other Trade Associations / Federations and with Manufacturers and Suppliers PDA has almost 50 Associate Members.

Jean-Jacques Châtelain

Mr. Châtelain is the Secretary of CAPEB-Peintre. He began his career in 1978 by launching a company of interior design. He has been President of CAPEB’s UNA Peinture – Vitrerie – Revêtement, Administrator of CNAMS (Confédération Nationale de l’Artisanat des Métiers et des Services), ACOSS and OPPBTP.

Peter Baeriswyl

Peter Baeriswyl is an attorney and since 18 years Director of the Swiss painter and plasterer Contractors Association. He is also President and member of many national committees dealing with political and social aspects and problems of the industry. He's been appointed as UNIEP Auditor in March 2017.

Maurice Karotsch