Student Camp in Antwerp

Start date: 17/10/2016
End date: 21/10/2016
Location: Antwerp

From 17th to 21st of October, Antwerp has hosted a Student Camp organised by UNIEP with the support of the Belgian Construction Confederation and SBG. The aim of this initiative was to put students in learning situations along with their trainers.

The event took place in the framework of the Painting Skills Network project (PSN) which is a European initiative funded by the EC aiming to ensure sustainability and cross-border mobility. The project responds to current vocational education and training policy developments in the EU, which are in turn a response to the economic policy objectives of Agenda 2020 (mainly, raising the level of youth employment to 75% of people in the working age by 2020).

Thanks to the sponsorship made by IVP, PPG, Sikkens, Arte, Sigma Coatings and other companies, and the professionalism of schools involved in the project – namely Parcival, De Pijs, TNA and SISA –, the Student Camp has acquired high visibility at European level. For it, participants of nine countries – UK, BE, IT, LT, HU, SI, CZ, DE, AT - have been involved, counting from 2 to 5 students plus 1 or 2 teachers per country, totalling some 34 people.

The unceasing activities of promotion have been instantly posted on the FB page of the Painting Skills Network.


Student activities were structured in three different workshops (drawing, spraying and wallpapering). On a rotating basis, student groups participated in the workshops alternatively. This way enabled them to come across a different activity every day and to compare one another’s experience in the end.



Organisers are said to be fully satisfied with the Student Camp as a whole. They are proud to announce that the initiative has succeeded in meeting the participants’ expectations. Students and trainers experienced techniques and used professional tools which they had never practised before. The innovativeness of the Student Camp has therefore prompted the acquisition of new skills among vocational students in the painting and decorating sector.

Finally, the Student Camp endorsed the exchanging of information, best practice and knowledge among participants, paving the way towards an active involvement of the youth into the profession.

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