"Europa-Meister" project

The Strategic Partnership "Europa-Meister" was recently granted by the Commission. It sees the participation of UNIEP as partner, together with SBG Dresden, NTI-MMM Multilateral Monitoring and Management, OBRTNO - Podjetniska Zbornica Slovenije, Confederatie Bouw - Afwerking and Landesinnung der Maler und Tapezierer Niederösterreich.

The Austrian HTL Baden, Malerschule Leesdorf will be the leading organization of the project.

The project mainly aims to create a description of the competency profile at level 6 (master) of the European Qualifications Framework and to design a multilingual competency profile in the specific Skillsbank database. The Meister students will attend courses and will be provided with learning materials and e-learning courses. At the end of the lessons, an examination conducted by the Control Committee (consisting of members of different countries appointed by UNIEP) will take place. If students will pass this test, they will gain the European Meisterbrief, recognized by UNIEP, which will prove their professional quality level and will certify his/her competency profile.

The last project meeting took place in Dresden, Germany on 29th - 30th May. It chiefly focused on the intellectual outputs of the project and its future development.

The next events will be in:
- 3rd meeting: 8th-9th November 2018 in St Pölten, Austria
- 4th meeting: 17th-18th June 2019 in Norway
- Final Conference: February 2020 in Belgium
- Multiplier event: 22nd-23rd April 2020 in Brussels, Belgium