Legacy Event 2014

The Painting Skills Legacy is a biannual event organised by UNIEP and manufacturers in the decorating/coating sector to gather teams of apprentices and trainers from all over the EU under the framework of a common project with a social aim. Workshops on innovating techniques and new products are held throughout the event.

The last UNIEP Legacy Event has been held in Leiden, the Netherlands from the 3rd to the 5th of June 2014. The event, sponsored by AkzoNobel, confirmed to be a great occasion to gather apprentices from all UNIEP member countries to share techniques and a unique experience. The event involved the participation of 10 teams formed by 3-4 apprentices guided by a team leader coming from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

During the three days, young apprentices and their leaders had the opportunity to follow innovative workshops organized by AkzoNobel, such as special effect, and spray application, WB wood satin, WB lacquers, sanding and colour.

This was also a great occasion to present the work of UNIEP to the young public in order to make it aware of the importance and the role of a Painting Contractors Association at the European level. The opportunity was also seized for strengthening the engagement that UNIEP is carrying out in vocational education, regulation of qualifications and mobility of apprentices at the European level.

The event was closed by a Legacy community painting project: the makeover transformation of the Leo Kanner School, a special education/autism school in Sassenheim for pupils aged 12-17, where all the apprentices participating could leave their mark. The event permitted not only to share the latest developments in painting skills and practices but also to create new friendships among painters from different nationalities, embracing therefore the spirit of our association.

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